This Yoga Jam Event held during the Yoga Conference here in Whistler was the biggest yet! Or at least it felt like the biggest.

I arrived at The Fairmont not really sure what to expect from the crowd or the space I would be photographing in. I walked into the lobby and saw a bunch of people standing outside one of the ballrooms and immediately thought “this is going to be huge!”. I’m unsure of the final count of those who attended but it was arm to arm, front to back stuffed of amazing and energetic people.

It was a challenge for me because there was no natural light to work with (yes I have been spoiled while shooting at the SLCC) but I always like a good challenge.

This (as always) was such an amazing event for such an amazing cause. If you want to get involved you can check out the following links below.

Africa Yoga Project  /  Yoga Jam Events  /  White Gold Yoga