How did it take me 6 years to venture into the interior of this beautiful province? I find it’s easy to get caught up with “the bubble” you can create for yourself. You begin to forget how much beauty there is to explore within your own country. I know I’m guilty of not taking enough time for Canada… California is where I spend most of my vacations, Naramata opened my eyes.

A few of my girlfriends and I jumped in a car and drove North to not only celebrate a birthday but experience yummy wine country. Firstly, the drive was amazing. To watch the landscape morph and change into so many variations was captivating. Rolling mountains and desert valleys with snow capped peaks… unreal.

I felt a great connection with the land surrounding the Okanagan Lake and I know for a fact it wasn’t just the wine convincing me!

Here are a few photos from our journey to Naramata…


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November 4, 2012
These are beauty!

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