Laurie MacCallum is a local potter here in Whistler who actually taught me how use the wheel a few months back. She asked me if I could take some promotional photos of her recent work but wanted something a little more abstract and timeless. Before I even took a pottery class my eye was always drawn to its art form. Once I got my hands on the wheel and tried to shape the clay I realized how hard it actually is to form.  My appreciation has changed greatly because of my experience in the classroom.

Laurie took me into her home and I instantly felt warm and welcomed. I feel as though her pottery represents just that. With the rain coming down that day, I looked out and saw how spring was alive and as I took photos of this natural art form, I was comparing it to nature. So I figured I could include some of the photos I took walking home that day, catching a glimpse of what is to come…

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January 30, 2012
Beautiful potter - fantastic photographs!

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