Putting together a blog post that reflects an entire year of images is difficult. What I get to do for a living, is well… pretty darn awesome.

This post is extensive and took a while for me to put together (hence why it’s a little late). Collecting my favourite photographs, ones you may have already seen, are chosen with no other intention then the simple fact that I love them. It could be the light, subject matter, moment in association… all I know is that these ones (even though there were more) are photos I truly cherish. 2015 was another incredible year and I am SO beyond grateful to be able to document people’s lives for a living. Thank you to all my amazing clients who put their trust in me and my camera and to all of those who support my crazy endeavor.

CHEERS to 2016!

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January 7, 2016
WOW! What a beautiful year of creativity! Your photos are very unique and capture so much emotion. They actually brought a tear to my eye!! Your clients are very lucky to be belessed with someone so talented to capture their special moments! Keep up the amazing work in 2016!!!

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