I decided to take another venture to San Francisco because I simply love this city. Every time I visit it gets harder for me to leave. I would easily live there just to get to know it better and really discover all the hidden gems it holds. The purpose of my trip was to walk as much as I could and take photographs…

I walked until my feet bled

Attended a Giant’s game

Drank a boat load of wine

Dreamed by the ocean side

Ate too much Mexican food

Traveled to Monterey

Hung out at the most unique piano bar

and last but not least, the best part of my trip was the people I met. By far one of the greatest vacations of discovery and adventure for me in a long time.

As cheesy as it may be to say “I left my heart in San Francisco”…. again.

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November 20, 2011
love the photos.. i miss you xo

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