Roughly a year ago I was working on a personal project called Portrait of a Girl where I found myself falling deeply in love with photographing the connection of women with their wild self. Sure it started as something curated, but the overall outcomes were always organic and each individual woman I had the pleasure of photographing seemed to evolve with me throughout the session. This got me thinking: how can I get more opportunities to photograph women on a more personal and creative level?

Boudoir photography was something I had already enjoyed shooting, but I wanted this type of session to be something a little less intentional. I brainstormed a bit more with a strong focus on how I felt most creative and came up with the Wild Women sessions. An opportunity to get in front of the lens and explore new ground, be playful and adventurous, and the best part: wear whatever you want! Pull out an old dress that’s been sitting in your closet forever that you may never had the courage to wear before. Wear a wig, sparkles, and platform shoes if you want! I wanted these sessions to be a combination of boudoir, portraiture, lifestyle, and fashion all in one.

Crazy? No.

This is a chance for me to explore with my clients, chase light, tell stories, be vulnerable, and push ourselves to find our inner wild nature.

Here is Amelia being wild and all.